Dr. R.L.Spittel (1881-1969)
Although an eminent surgeon, his fam rests on his life-long dedication to wildlife, where he distinguished himself as a naturalist, anthropologist, and ethnologist.He is best known for his studies of the veddahs, and he is considered one of the foremost sri Lankan writers on this subject.

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D.S.Senanayake (1881-1952)
it could be said that Sri Lanka's post-indipendence began with D.S.Senanayake the father-figure and founder,who steered the country to independence.His most distinctive countribution to the nation was his agricultural policy,whereby he endeavoured to transform the economy of the country by devoloping its vast agricultural resources.

C.W.W.Kannangara (1884-1969)
Kannangara is known as the "farther of free education" in this country.His introduction of free education, in 1944,was an epoch-making measure-one which transformed the education system of our nation.
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D.R.Wijewardene (1886-1950)
The main landmark in wijewardene's career,was his plunge into the newspaper businness. He began by purchasing The ceylonese,and later became proprietorof The Daily News,Dinamina,Obsever,Silumina,Thinakaran,and Waranarjan.

T.B.Jayah (1890-1976)
Jayah is recognish as one of the most outstanding Muslim leaders of Sri Lanka,for his role in fromoting the interests of the Muslim community,particularly in the field of education.
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