General Information of Kotte

Form ancient administrative capital to the country’s official capital, from Kotte to Sri Jayawardenapura, this ancient citadel has come a long away. Kotte was a fortified city built by chieftain Alagakkonara. The establishment of a city close to Kolom Thota, the port of Colombo was a farsighted decision of his to convent the country's economy more towards trade departing from agriculture. Kotte, glorified in many aspects by king Parakramabahu IV (1412-67) served as a center of learning and contributed immensely to the development of Sinhala literature. 


Vijayaba Pirivena of Pepiliyana were some of these erudite seats of learning. Kotte was renamed Sri Jayawardanepura when it was declared the official capital of Sri Lanka in 1982.






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