Mahavali Rever (Ganga) is the largest of the 103 rever basins found in Sri lanka.It covers about 16% of the island’d total area.The river itself has a winding course,rising about 50 km south of Kandy and flowing north then north-east to the sea near Trincomalee covering a distance of 320 km.It is the only perennial rever to cross the dry Zone.Sri Lanka’s all perenial revers are called Ganga,while seasonal streams are called Oya in Sinhala or Aru in Tamil.A number of revers have now been developed both for irrigation and power.The victoria project on Mahavali Ganga is one of the largest in Asia.

Longest Rivers in Sri Lanka

Name of River  Length 
Mahaweli Ganga  335 km
Aruvi Aru  164 km
Kala Oya  148 km
Kelani Ganga  145 km
Yan Oya  142 km
Deduru Oya  142 km
Walawe Ganga  138 km
Maduru Oya  135 km
Maha Oya  134 km
Kalu Ganga  129 km
Kirindi Oya  117 km
Kumbukkan Oya  116 km
Menik Oya  114 km
Gin Ganga  113 km
Mi Oya  109 km
Gal Oya  108 km




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