Christmas in Sri Lanka

Preparation for this great day begin weeks before as in any other country. The festive sound of firecrackers waking you up at the dawn of December 1st is the first intimation that Christmas is round the corner. all most every home of  Christian, or  catholic wake up with the dawn of the first day of the month of December to perform the first ritualistic task of the month of merry making. Despite the fact that nearly 70% of population are practicing Buddhism while another 15%  of people are Hindus, only a 7% of Sri Lanka’s population are Christians It is celebrated by Christians and shared by non-Christians in true Lankan style.

It is said that the very first celebration of this festival was perhaps introduced  to Sri Lanka (early known as Ceylon) by the Portuguese who ruled Lanka From 1505~1650.then the Dutch who ruled from 1658~1796 followed by British who ruled from 1815~1948.

The festivity spreads through all shopping centers all over the island. Even the small wayside  boutiques in the heart of the country  come out with their small festive décor.
Christmas trees decorated and lit up are a common sight in shopping complexes and every Christian homes. even non Christians make Christmas trees for their children and let them enjoy the lovely Christmas.
The 25th of December, the commemoration day of the birth of “Jesus Christ”  is a public holiday  and the midnight of 24th of December Cathedrals, Churches and little Chapels  all over the island  Christian attend “Mid night Mass”(the Holy Eucharist) to celebrate in union with their fellowmen .  ever Christians and non-Christians enjoy themselves to the fullest. most non-Christians are invited to parties by their Christian friends and  Christmas day finds people visiting  relatives ,friends and neighbors to share with them the seasonal cake and wine followed  by a lavish spread lunch  and diner. It continues until the season draws to an end.

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