Reputed gems of Sri Lanka

Blue Sapphire 
Sri lanka's Gem supreme, of corn flower blue, is the favorite of fashionable women the world over. 
Cat's Eye
The honey yellow and apple green cat's Eye of lustrous smoothness is extolled for the protection she yields to the weather. 

If you are a connoisseur of the rarest yields from the mysterious depths of earth you will need to possess an Alexandrite. 
Star Ruby 
The scarlet perfection and its scintillating beauty add up to the dream come true in gems. 
Yellow Sapphire
Pollen of flower is her lyrical name is Sinhala. Her delicate yellow makes this description apt. 
Star Sapphire
With her azure heart a gleam with radiant snowy streaks, the star sapphire's sparkle brings her owner good luck. 
Burnished by nature into a high purplish polish, the amethyst is a beauty among gems. 
All the world's garnets (pyrope) are ordinary after Sri Lanka's Elahera Garnet made it's radiant bow.

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