The Board of Investment of Sri Lanka (BOI)

The Board of Investment of Sri Lanka (BOI) is the authority responsible for promoting, approving and assisting foreign investment, and is empowered to grant a wide range of incentives and concessions to projects in selected sectors, provided that they are export oriented. BOI helps to maximize exports from such projects as well as to effect the transfer of technology. 
The BOI has established three Export Processing Zones (EPZ) into which raw materials and essential plant, machinery and equipment can be imported duty free, where the products are exported. The BOI also has three Industrial Parks.

To facilitate investment, and quick start-up of projects, the BOI offers a 'One-Stop-Service' providing advice and assistance at every stage of the investment process. Formalities are kept to a minimum and most clearances can be given by the Board itself. It is the only Organization an investor needs to contact and can provide:-

information and guidance to the investor introduction to suitable Sri Lankan business partners. 
assistance in site selection 
advice on. factory buildings and on the supply of telecommunications, electricity and water 
help with import-export clearance in EPZs and visas, through the BOI's facilitation division 
advice and assistance with the supply of labour 
BOI, in the 17 years of its life, has approved over 3000 projects, representing capital investments worth more than several billion US dollars and currently employing over a quarter of a million people.

The Board of Investment of Sri Lanka

P.O. Box 1768
World Trade Centre
20-24th Floor, East Tower
Echelon Square
Colombo 1
Sri Lanka

Telephone: 94-1-437137, 94-1-448880, 94-1-4448125 
Fax: 94-1-447995
Telex: 21332 ECONOM CE

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